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Thirst & Howl


(2022) LP


(2023) new full length



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Hi my name's Tony Saxon and I'm an entertainer , singer, recording

artist, multi-instrumentalist and DJ... and recording engineeer

With Seven albums under my  belt devoting the better part of the past two decades to recording and releasing my own music. 

Self taught with an 8 octave vocal range and a world class multi- instrumentalist (piano, guitar, bass, organ, harmonium , omnichord, clavinet and more) 

My newest album available 2/24/23 on all digital media platforms via

Mint 400 Records. I have also recently signed to Lolipop Records. 

This new album titled "A Few Cogs Short Of  The Clock" is a pure modern representation of old school style -  recorded by me with no  edits or autotune; the majority of the album self performed by me with a few special guest drummers such as Matt Olsson (Frank Iero, Lucky Chops, Adam Melchor) as well as Tom Devinko (Man Dancing, Dr. Cop Money) as well as background vocalists from Spencer Breslin (The Cat In the Hat Movie Disney's The Kid) and Neil Soiland (The Premonitions, The Creation Factory)

My entire life and income is based around 45rpm records from the 50's and 60's -  I buy and sell them professionally as well as curiousities, antiques, knick knacks and vintage clothes...I travel the USA in search of rare and undocumented 50s and 60s records and distribute them to collectors and DJ's all over the world. 

I'm all about Soul, Rhythm and Blues, and early Rock N Roll.  


The vast majority of my 2022 Album THIRST AND HOWL is a tribute to some of my favorite 50s & 60s 45rpm singles of all time - originally composed, completely re-written versions of songs by well known legendary artists like The Drifters Jackie Shane to lesser known artists such as Cookie Jackson, Ronnie Putirka, and Philip Wolf featuring my new vocal, guitar, piano, bass and instrumental playing and arrangements along with a few very talented contributions from musicians  like Nick Fulsher on drums and Joel Giron on combo organ.

also in the Summer of 2022, I released "Is The Feelin' Still There?" on limited run 45rpm vinyl and on all major streaming services - a true to form Northern Soul track featuring my vocals superimposed over a lost Audio Arts Records instrumental acetate from the late 60's featuring James Carmichael and Orchestra which served originally as the backing track to soul group The Remarkables and Audio Arts recording artist / soul singer Johnny Summers release of the same name - all copies of the 45rpm sold out during preorder. 


I recorded engineered and mixed the entirety of A FEW COGS SHORT OF THE CLOCK and THIRST AND HOWL albums by myself In High Fidelity Surround Stereo - and thoroughly believe in utilizing the most organic analog recording equipment and methods and live tracking methods possible - even though I only have two arms! I strictly use digital recording software only as if it were a tape without edits, tuning software, or triggering.  The only "direct" signal on my songs is my bass playing. 

Proudly raised in Northern New Jersey and now residing in sunny Los Angeles, Ca. I've been recording my own music and performing for over a decade now. I learned how to sing as a kid watching my old man Tony Saxon Sr. perform the hits of the 50's and 60's at casinos and nightclubs in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and all around the USA . Those tunes have been embedded in my brain since I was a toddler running the casinos causing havoc while he performed in the lounges. I taught myself how to play the guitar with a $25 Kramer St-300 I bought from a pawn shop - let's just say I was a BAD KID and as I grew older and dropped out of high school I started sneaking and breaking into local college campus music rooms to learn how to play piano. 


I lived on the road and in my car through my late teens and twenties - partied like a mad man and played / toured with many big name and little name punk, indie and metal bands all the while trying to write and record my own material;  blending together the songs my father sang and my ever evolving musical tastes using the many different vocal styles developed over the years as a centrifugal force.   




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